Effective Ways to Identify Prospects Needs

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Effective Ways to Identify Prospects Needs

IAD’s telemarketing demand generation identifies the needs of each target company’s area of interest.

So, what are the “Needs” that are the areas of interest?

  1. Are they IT fields in which the head of the information system department is personally interested?
  2. Are they business areas where on-site departments, such as sales planning and accounting, look for ways to improve efficiency?
  3. Are they interested in keywords such as “CX” and “Big Data” that we often hear about?

Examples of prospects’ needs

<strong>Accounting Department</strong>
Accounting Department

Feeling the workload of compiling numerical data from each department and seeking to review and improve the efficiency of its operations.

<strong>Marketing Manager</strong>
Marketing Manager

Interested in “collecting information on social networking sites about the company’s products”.

In all of these cases, it can be concluded that there is a need.

Examples that are not needs of prospects

<strong>Sales Promoter</strong>
Sales Promoter

Feeling that the accounting department’s workload is problematic and would like to consult with them about improving work efficiency.

<strong>Head of Information Systems Department</strong>
Head of Information Systems Department

Having a personal interest in SFA. However, the sales department/sales division has no intention of implementing SFA.

In such a case, it is not possible to determine that there is a need in any of these cases.


Needs” as an area of interest may or may not be considered “needs” depending on the role and scope of responsibility.

The most important thing is how to ask questions that lead to the identification of such “needs”.

IAD’s Telemarketing Demand Generation service identifies the needs of key people in the target company.

IAD provides quality lead generation services based on our experience with more than 3,000 projects. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


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