Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics

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Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics

Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics

Lead nurturing is a marketing measure to continuously approach acquired prospects (leads) to increase their willingness to purchase, leading to business negotiations and purchases.

This method is not necessary for products that require a short consideration period before purchase, but it is effective for B2B products and services that require a long consideration period before introduction, and for products that require a high purchase price.

Since the willingness of leads to purchase differs depending on the type of lead acquisition measures implemented, such as Web advertising and trade shows, the shortcut to success is to conduct appropriate lead nurturing according to the consideration status of each.

Doing so will lead to the ultimate goal of lead nurturing: acquiring new customers.

Nurturing can also be made more effective by utilizing marketing automation tools for centralized management of lead information.

What company information is required for effective nurturing?

minimum company information

Below is the minimum company information required for effective nurturing.

  • company name
  • address
  •  representative phone number
  • sales
  • number of employees
  • type of business

When a potential customer is acquired through an inquiry or a trade show, personal information such as work address, work phone number, department, title, e-mail address, URL, and survey information are added.

The content of the questionnaire may be universal and may change from time to time depending on the product, service, or exhibition.

The content of the universal questionnaire should include questions that can be used to obtain BANTC information.


BANTC information is as follows.

  • B=Budge
  • A=Authority
  • N=Needs
  • T=Timeframe
  • C=Competitor

The above BANTC information must be associated with the product/service.

The remaining questions will be interested in the product/service, free responses, etc.

▼Learn more about BANTC provided by I&D

What is BANTC in lead generation?


In summary, the minimum information required for nurturing is as follows.

Company name, address, phone number, sales, number of employees, industry (preferably in the middle category), the Individual’s name, work address, work phone number, email address, URL, and product/service, budget, authority, whether there is a need, what the need is, when it will be implemented, the name of competing products/services, and other free answers.

Other items are required for inside sales operations.

  1. the state of the person at the time of the call (e.g., away from the office, on a business trip, etc.)
  2. Permission to provide information in the future
  3. Permission and desired timing of sales visit
  4. Customer’s possibility to close the deal (A, B, C leads)
  5. Name of caller
  6. Caller’s notes

In addition, it will be easier to proceed with effective lead nurturing if contact histories other than telephone work, such as click history for e-mail distribution, seminar attendance history, and inquiry history, can be obtained.

A major feature of telemarketing is that it enables us to learn in detail about the issues and needs that customers have by directly interviewing them through actual conversations about their level of consideration and favorability of the merchandise.

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