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Nice to introduce you, my name is Israrullah HABIBI who joined I&D on June 3rd, 2024.
Today, let me provide my honest description and opinion about what I&D is for, its organization, and people quality management based on my experiences over several days.

It is a fact that today we all live in a complex world with rapid environmental and social changes, signaling that we are in an era of a turning point in human history. Society, organizations, corporations, and all business sectors at country, regional, and global levels are changing drastically. This creates a highly competitive environment and complex relationships with customers and employees. Despite having joined I&D just a few days ago, what I have observed and experienced in terms of organizational behavior was truly unique and impressed me a lot: here are some examples about the uniqueness of I&D.

The Values of I&D

Although I have worked with several national and international organizations in various countries, I have never engaged with people as effectively as I do at I&D. “Mutual respect”, “dignity”, “no superiority of one over another”, “freedom with responsibility”, “an eco-friendly environment”, “ease of idea sharing”, “an inclusive approach” for long-term shared purposes, and “equalities” for employees are the exceptional values I found at I&D: here are the examples in detail.

Equal Growth Opportunities

Despite having a hierarchical organizational structure, everyone has an equal opportunity to grow and share anything such as their concerns, opinions, and ideas or knowledge of B2B marketing freely.

Employee Appreciation and Motivation

Hard work is always appreciated, motivating employees to stretch their abilities, encourage creativity and innovation, and maintain good well-being, both mentally and physically.

Adaptive and Flexible System

Then, let me explain four things about the working atmosphere at I&D

・Autonomy and Responsibility

The organization has both adaptive and flexible systems, providing certain autonomy and responsibility to focus on both process-oriented and result-oriented approaches with reasonable incentive considerations.

・Management Approach

All layers of management, especially top management, deal with challenges by giving everyone a chance to think independently, stretch their abilities, and provide support for individual initiatives. Managers focus on both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation by working closely with employees and evaluating individuals’ potential with appreciation.

・Team Dynamics and Trust

The discipline and trust among employees strengthen the components of diversity. Employees are free to take any initiatives, communicate with others, and take a joint effort which leads the team to function well and make employes improve their skills.

I&D provides a proactive and pro-social space where employees go beyond assigned tasks to feel valued and develop their own perspectives with responsibility.
In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, human roles have become increasingly critical. Technology alone cannot solve issues; understanding the process, strong team commitment, and quickly adapting through re-skilling are essential for organizational development.

Then, I found I&D effectively integrates McKinsey’s 7S framework elements—structure, style, staff, system, skill, and strategy—with its shared values. Additionally, I&D leverages advanced marketing and AI tools like Dr. Marketing and Dr. AI to enhance the services provided to clients.

Also, there are regularly organizes programs, workshops, and action-after-review programs to sustain achievements and improve weaker aspects of project implementation at I&D.
It is a synergistic company that shares resources, transfers skills with innovation, and creates new organizational capabilities. It was indeed the place I was looking for to work with honestly, sincerely, and passionately.


To conclude, I&D is a shared social institution that contributes to self-realization, engagement, sustainability, and growth of society through shared values and purposes based on individual capacity, performance, and strength. It operates with the principles of fraternity, flexibility, and freedom, which are very much aligned with my personal theory in use.

And also, I&D provides lead generation services based on our experience with more than 4,000 projects.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.

The writer of this article.
Israrullah HABIBI

Consultant /Advanced Technology Marketing Division Overseas Team

Worked as a project coordinator, consultant and on several other engineering positions with various national and international organizations.
Conducted several development projects granted by EU, Government of Japan and ADB.

Graduated from:
•MBA, Shizenkan University, Japan
•MSc. Environmental & Civil Engineering, France & Italy
•B. Tech, NITW, India

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