BANTC and BANTA Essential for B2B Lead Generation

BANTC and BANTA Essential for B2B Lead Generation B2B marketing

Static and Dynamic Scoring

There are two types of scoring: static and dynamic scoring.

Static scoring refers to items (company size, company industry, individual department, and position) that change very little over a period of six months to one year.

Static Scoring

【Target Company】
・ Size (sales, number of employees, etc.)
・ Industry (type of industry)

【Target Audience】

Dynamic Scoring

Dynamic scoring refers to items that change over a short period of time, such as one month (e.g., responses to exhibitions, seminars, URL clicks in e-mail messages, telemarketing responses, and inquiries from the Web).

・ Event
・ Promotion

By using these as the scoring calculation indicators, significant cost and activity time reductions can be achieved.
An important dynamic indicator in this history is BANTC.



By using these methods and continuing to contact prospects regularly, you can make a deal. In our experience, it is easy to get a lead if you know about two types of BANTC.


Last month, our UK marketing partner came to Japan, and we were talking about various lead generation topics when the subject of BANTC came up.
In the UK, they are using BANTA.

The final A in BANTA is the A in Attitude. It refers to the caller’s attitude, whether cold, warm, or nasty, which is kept in the caller’s call history so that tactics can be developed when making the next call.

At our call center, we train callers to guess the age and position of callers by their tone of voice and inflection, and also to keep a note of the above attitude.

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As a result, we can try various strategies when we take over or when we make a call while looking at the past history.

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