What is a Value Proposition?

What is a Value Proposition? B2B marketing

Value Proposition

<Definition of Value Proposition>
A value proposition clarifies what other companies cannot offer and what the company can offer in response to what customers want (needs).

If the company offers more than one product or service, it is necessary to create a value proposition for each product or service.

There are three key elements.

–                 Clarify customer needs.

–                 Define the value that other companies can provide.

–                 Clarify the value your company can provide

A ) 3C Analysis

The 3C analysis is a framework for deriving the success factors of a product or service from the situation of the Customer (market/customer), Competitor (competitor), and Company (own company), and for formulating measures.
Each of the three factors just mentioned applies to each of the three C’s of 3C Analysis. Let’s illustrate this in a diagram.

We were able to narrow down the value that our company could provide that our customers wanted and that other companies could not provide.

Value Proposition Canvas

<Value Proposition Canvas>
Now let’s go one step further and consider using another framework, the Value Proposition Canvas.

B)   Value Proposition Canvas

The Value Proposition Canvas is a framework for considering value propositions to customers based on 3C analysis, created from the Business Model Canvas proposed by Alexander Osterwalder in his book in 2014.

Fill in the items in the following order, starting from the upper left of the diagram and working clockwise.

1. Value provided to customers

2. Customer Segments

3. Challenges that customers want to solve

4. Customer Gains

5. Customer Concerns

6. Products and Services

7. What benefits the customer

8. Anything that removes customer concerns.

By describing them in order, you can naturally visualize what customers value and in what respects the value your company can provide does not match.

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