Training New Telemarketing/Lead Generation Representatives – Three Key Points to Keep them Motivated  

Training New Telemarketing/Lead Generation Representatives - Three Key Points to Keep them Motivated B2B marketing

How to train telemarketing/lead generation representatives.

Mental skills necessary for telemarketing/ lead generation to be trained in handling incoming calls

Many people may think that telemarketing/lead generation is a position that new employees experience as a precursor to sales.

At our company, which provides lead generation services to major corporations, lead generation is not something that only young employees can handle; we have people with 10 to 20 years of experience and expertise in IT products and services.

I would like to talk about how we train new telemarketing/lead generation staff.

We do not assign new staff to call duties from the start.

Since April 2020, we have shifted to a full telecommuting system, so they no longer have the opportunity to “take calls,” but they were originally assigned to “take calls” at first. However, the original assignment was to “take the first call”.

Many of you may be thinking, “If new staff is going to be in charge of telemarketing/lead generation, shouldn’t they get a lot of experience in sending out messages?”

However, it is more effective to first gain experience in “taking calls” to be more effective in their work later on.

By having new staff respond to a variety of other companies’ information and appeals as “callers,” they can imagine what the caller is going through when they make an outbound call themselves.

In telemarketing/lead generation, the most important thing is to have a meaningful conversation with the person you are calling, the prospects. To achieve this, it is necessary to always imagine and understand the caller’s situation.

For this reason, it is important to first respond to incoming calls.

Mentoring system to support new employees’ confidence

Also essential to the training of new employees is the presence of a “mentor. A mentor is a senior employee who encourages growth by providing advice and consultation to the newcomer.

We try to assign one mentor per newcomer. Of course, there is a limit to the number of mentors, so the assignment is changed on a timely basis depending on the site

It is unlikely that everything will go well on your first outbound call.

“I couldn’t answer the customer’s question and keep quiet.”
“I couldn’t press the “send” button because I was afraid of making the same mistake as before.”
“Yesterday, I did well, but today, I am not so sure.”

For inexperienced newcomers, it is often the case that failures are more important than successes.

At such times, if there is a mentor available, they can express their concerns and work together to find a solution. In addition, the mentor can give you praise for “points that went well” that you did not notice yourself, which can help you regain your confidence. Having a mentor with whom you can talk about anything at the beginning is important to maintain your motivation for a long time afterward.

Provide opportunities to share issues and provide feedback

It is also very important to proactively provide opportunities for sharing issues.

Morning meetings before the start of work, team MTGs, etc., are probably conducted by all companies, both offline and online, but are these opportunities for new employees to share issues/information functioning well?

Senior “So, anything you would like to share with the other members of this meeting?”
~all the newcomers are silent~.
In fact, (((I can’t say this because I’ll waste everyone’s time if I ask this question…))), etc. They are hesitating
Senior “Well, this is the end. I look forward to working with you today.”

To avoid such a situation, the mentor needs to dare to ask questions to the newcomer at the meeting.

In addition, if the meeting is a small group, you can create an environment in which newcomers feel comfortable speaking up by talking about things outside of work during the meeting to ease their tension and provide ice-break time in the beginning.

IAD offers a telemarketing service that will listen carefully to BANTC information and five necessary items of information. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


In this article, we discussed training new call center employees.

By providing a proper training system, you will be able to continue your telemarketing/lead generation activities with high motivation for a long time.

IAD provides quality lead generation services based on our experience with more than 3,000 projects. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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