FAB Analysis for Successful Telemarketing

FAB Analysis for Successful Telemarketing B2B marketing

FAB Analysis for Successful Telemarketing

Definition of FAB Analysis

FAB analysis is a framework used in presentation, sales, and product design, and is an acronym for Feature, Advantage, and Benefit.

▼FAB Analysis
F: Feature of the product or solution
A: Advantage
B: Benefit

Further, add Evidence: data supporting the proposal, track record, etc., and it is sometimes called a “FABE analysis”.
Let’s take a closer look.

How to use FAB analysis

Customers purchase products and services not because they want the product itself.
Customers purchase products and services to gain benefits that will be brought to them through the products and services.
FAB analysis is a method of explaining features, advantages, and benefits, in that order, based on such purchasing psychology, to lead to a convincing purchase.
Let’s look at the specifics.

Specific examples of FAB analysis

Let’s say, for example, that the product you must sell is a cup of coffee.
You have a person drinking tea from a teacup in front of you.
If you use FAB analysis to make a proposal, it might look like this

▼FAB for coffee cups
F: Feature “This coffee cup has a handle.
A: Advantage “So you can hold a hot drink in the cup without burning your hands.
B: Benefit “So you can enjoy hot drinks more safely.

FAB required to hear BANTC

FAB analysis is also important in the telemarketing we do on behalf of our clients. I&D’s telemarketing services include the introduction of Complex products to large corporations.
FABs in Complex products are not all as easy to present as a cup of coffee. The product being promoted needs to be specific and carefully communicated in terms of how it will be beneficial to the client company.

And the BANTC hearing is beyond the proposal based on such FAB analysis.

Simply saying, “We have such and such a product” or “Let us visit you” is not enough to obtain BANTC information from busy key persons on the call. It is necessary to clearly convey the benefits to the company of introducing the product or service through FAB analysis, and then tell the caller that BANTC information is necessary in order to make a proposal to maximize the benefits.

By doing so, it is possible to obtain sales appointments based on business negotiations, rather than “just exchanging business cards.

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Has executed many projects to support foreign companies wishing to start sales activities in Japan to expand their business overseas.

Graduated from the University of California, Berkeley.

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