Key Tips for Inside Sales Success You Can’t Ignore  

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Key Tips for Inside Sales Success You Can’t Ignore

While most people have the impression that sales over the phone are telesales, inside sales are more than just getting appointments.

In this issue, we will introduce some inside sales tips that are also I&D’s strengths.

Inside sales at a higher level than telesales

Field sales are those that go to meet the customer, while inside sales are those that are conducted by telephone, e-mail, or direct mail.

In Japan, field sales are the norm, but in the U.S. it is different.
Inside sales have been attracting increasing attention in Japan in recent years, but its home is the United States.
Because it is a method born from a very American idea, inside sales have spread widely in the U.S., its home country, and is now becoming the mainstream.

In the U.S., the cost of salespeople traveling across a country 30 times the size of Japan is probably incomparable to that in Japan.
Inside sales in the U.S. was born out of the need to reduce costs.

Inside sales were born and developed in the U.S., but it has gradually spread in Japan as sales efficiency and teleworking have become more prevalent.
In Japan, since it is still developing as an industry, few companies make huge investments, and the numbers do not have an impact, but it is an industry that is sure to grow.

Inside sales have also become so prevalent that international IT companies are establishing inside sales departments one after another without outsourcing.

While “telephone” sales may give the impression of telesales, inside sales are more than just telemarketing.
Here are some tips for success in inside sales, which is one of I&D’s strengths.

We not only make appointments, but also obtain BANTC information and understand their challenges. We also build good relationships with prospective clients and promote your products and services to obtain quality sales appointments that lead to orders.

It works better if you don’t try to sell it.

The following are important for a successful inside sales process.

Do not try to sell.

“Our products are great! You should buy them!”
“Let me visit you just to exchange business cards!”
In the midst of a busy work schedule, it is hard to listen to a sales call from a complete stranger who is suddenly trying to sell you something.

No matter how hard they try to sell you that “this product is wonderful! and “This is a great product!” will not resonate with them.
So, what kind of mindset will make them listen to you?

Well, here’s a situation quiz!
Q: How would you act in the following situation?
You have found out that your very close friend is struggling with a relationship.
In that case, how would you listen to her?
A: Be willing to listen to what they have to say and speak with sincerity

You must have thought, “I will listen from the other person’s point of view,” “I will calmly and kindly broach the subject of my concerns,” etc. You all thought that you would respond with kindness and sincerity.

The same is true for inside sales.

You don’t know what exactly they are struggling with, but you say, “You mean that one! I know what you mean! I actually do, too! and talking about yourself abruptly, it is unlikely that the other person will rely on you.

The inside sales process begins with understanding the client’s situation, without appealing to the target product.

Conclusion: You must treat them as close friends and be sincere.

 Obtain BANTC information

“I’m just making appointments, but I’m not getting any orders…”
I got the OK for the sales visit, but I didn’t ask what kind of needs they had.
Even if you have a good conversation with the client, whether or not you have information that leads to an actual order changes the way you follow up with the client.

Obtaining BANTC information would make for even better inside sales.

B: Budget
A: Authority
N: Needs
T: Time frame
C: Competitor

Conversations focused on BANTC information will help you to acquire prospects who can later place orders.

Conclusion: Acquire BANTC information and get prospective deals.

▼Learn more about BANTC

The Usefulness of Inside Sales

While field sales will continue to be conducted, you will probably need to focus on inside sales.

With limited internal resources and limited time, why not start with inside sales to segment prospects?

IAD provides quality lead generation services based on our experience with more than 3,000 projects. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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Graduated from the University of California, Berkeley.

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