Features of the Best B2B Lead Generation Agency, I&D’s Call Representatives  

Features of the Best B2B Lead Generation Agency, I&D's Call Representatives B2B marketing

I&D, a provider of outbound calls to large corporations and high-level executives, has accumulated the knowledge, skills, and expertise required for each industry for 25 years.
As a result, clients have come to trust us to the extent that they say, “If I&D can’t deliver results, no other company can.

All call representatives are full-time employees.

At I&D, all calls are made by full-time employees.

At other telemarketing companies, call centers often employ “part-time” or “temporary” employees for both inbound and outbound calls, but at i&D, only full-time employees make the calls.

The criteria for hiring a call representative focus on past work experience, such as whether the candidate has “experience in a B2B company” in a previous job. We do not place too much emphasis on call experience.

To obtain BANT information from high-level executives, you are required to use dignified language and have basic knowledge of B2B sales.

It is very important to be able to respond in a natural manner that does not make the other party feel “trying to convince to sell something” or “uncomfortable,” and this is not something that can be done overnight.

If you make calls that are immediately recognizable as sales calls, such as so-called insurance information calls, you will never be able to acquire BANT information.

Extensive knowledge of the IT industry/products and services

The second thing that differentiates us from our competitors is our call representatives’ high level of knowledge of the IT industry/products and services. Most of our call representatives have experience in appealing to all kinds of Product/service knowledge shared within the company through regular study sessions and training for each project.

Thus, even if you are starting a new project, you can start the project quickly without having to learn about the product from scratch.
In addition, this accumulated knowledge allows for a natural conversational flow to obtain the necessary information. I&D’s callers can flexibly change call scripts as the situation requires.

Especially in the case of nurturing calls, flexible responses are required to meet the challenges and requests of the prospects to whom the call is made. In addition, the caller’s experience is crucial because of the complexity of the profile to be acquired.

Since we make calls on a wide variety of products and services, we approach different departments in different ways.
We use data to verify and share with each department the most effective timing for each call so that we can achieve the best results no matter the target audience.

Caller Skill Map

Assign projects according to the aptitude of the person in charge.

I&D has devised a way to swap call project assignments according to the personality and skills of call representatives. These measures may be considered unique.

Each person has different areas of expertise, such as those who are good at “getting appointments,” those who are good at “finding contacts,” and those who show aptitude in “nurturing. These are grouped and assigned to appropriate projects and calls.

There are a certain number of groups that are good at “getting appointments,” but of course, they must have basic skills such as obtaining BANT information.

Finally, I&D’s call representatives must be mentally ” modest,” “sincere,” and “calm” before they have any skills.

We set various indicators such as effective listening rate, contact rate, e-mail permission rate, and appointment rate, and both veterans and new callers are working hard to improve these indicators daily.

IAD offers a telemarketing service that will listen carefully to BANTC information and five necessary items of information. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

IAD offers a telemarketing service that will listen carefully to BANTC information and five necessary items of information. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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