How to set up target personas? 

How to set up target personas? B2B marketing

What is Persona? 

What is Persona? 

Typical customers who purchase the company’s services, as defined in marketing 

A similar marketing term is “target,” but personas are unique in that they are not a series of attributes, but are more detailed than targets, and assume of a single individual. For example, setting a target as “60s / male / president” and designing a persona as “Hirofumi Fukushige, president of I&D Co. 

Role of Persona

The reason why it is necessary to establish personas is to clarify who your product or service is being sold to. To sell your product or service, you need to clarify the following four points 

1. to whom? 
2. what? 
3. how? 
4. at what price? 

How to clarify is by the following methods 

1. to whom? >> Execute persona design 
2. what? >>Create a value proposition campus 
3. How? > Create a customer journey map 
4. How much? > Implement a pricing and costing strategy 

It can be said that personas are meaningful only when they are set up as part of the sales strategy for a product or service. 

Personas in B2B Marketing 

The point of persona setting differs between B2B and B2C. The biggest difference is that in B2B, you must consider the profile of the company to which you belong. Let’s take a look at the important points in B2B persona setting.

Think in terms of specific customers

If you try to create personas from “nothing,” you may end up with an image that is too close to “your company’s ideal image” without a sense of reality. 

First, think of three specific customer images from existing customers, and then move on to the next stage of analysis. 

Thinking in terms of three elements: company, department, and individual

In B2B persona setting, it is necessary to consider the buyer from three perspectives: the company to which he/she belongs, the department to which he/she belongs, and the person himself/herself.

Then, we need to further subdivide them into more detailed items such as roles, business content, structure, and decision-making authority, etc., and work out the details.

The following diagram will make it easier to think about.

<Sample Personas in B2B Marketing> 

In doing so, the important thing is to think in terms of a multiplication of company x department x individual factors. 

Mr. Masada of Persona Example Corporation wants to change the traditional exhibition-centered marketing approach. However, he said he could not get the management’s understanding. Given the company’s situation, the first step is…” and so on. 

It is to think concretely by fully utilizing information obtained from actual business meetings. 

Think in terms of benefits

Another important question is “Benefit”. What are the company’s, the department’s, and the individual’s “BENEFITS?” for the company, the department, or the individual.

Customers do not buy a product or service because they want it.

They purchase products and services in order to obtain the benefits that come from them.

For example, if you are an accounting department, you do not want an expense reimbursement system; you want to reduce costs.

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