Telemarketing Results in 2022. ~What is Highly Effective Lead Generation?

Telemarketing Results in 2022. B2B marketing

Telemarketing Results in 2022. ~What is Highly Effective Lead Generation?

This article will provide a quantitative summary of our 2022 Telemarketing Results.

I&D is a B2B marketing agency providing demand generation primarily to the IT/manufacturing industry.

We target 1) large corporations and 2) highly placed key personnel with decision-making authority.

We can help companies that are considering lead generation for similar prospect targets.

Target Attributes

The target breakdown of lead generation conducted by I&D was as follows.

*N numbers are provided as percentages.

Company Range

We have sorted the percentage of call projects by company revenue range.

The largest percentage of approaches will be to companies from 3000 billion yen and up. The next largest percentage is for companies between 100 billion yen and 300 billion yen.

So only 1.4% of the total is under 1 billion yen. This seems to be because most of the products we support in telemarketing are enterprise products.

company revenue range


The largest number of projects were approached by the information systems department.

The information systems department was approached for about half of all projects, which is inevitably biased since we provide marketing support for IT-related and enterprise products.

There were also a certain number of projects (11.7% of the total) that were originally in the XX department but were classified as blanks because of the department’s special name, so I think the percentage of corporate planning and DX departments was a little higher.


Job Title

The largest number of positions held were at the department head and general manager levels. They accounted for about 40% of the total. The same percentage was also true for deputy managers and section chiefs.

There were a certain number of cases (7.5% of the total) where special job titles could not be categorized, so it seems that there were many more approaches to executives. When trying to reach executives, we inevitably ended up with EAs (secretaries), and as a result, there seemed to be some cases that were either general or unclassifiable.


Results of Telemarketing Measures 2022

Overall results

The following is a breakdown of the results of the calls conducted by I&D.

*Please refer to the bottom of this chapter for definitions of results.

The percentage of results 1, 2, and 3 added together is the so-called contact rate, or “effective completion” in our terminology.

The percentage of results 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 added together is the non-contact rate, or “non-valid completion” in our terminology.

The effective completion rate of 60% was achieved before Corona, but in After Corona, where remote work and telecommuting have become more prevalent, the rate has decreased to about 45%.

Since the 2021 results were generally similar, we assume that the same trend will continue in the future.

Results of I&D Telemarketing Measure 2022

Comparison by Call Type

There are three main types of calls.

First, there are cold calls, in which only the target company or department is determined, and a new approach is made to obtain some kind of result.

Secondly, there are qualification calls, which are made after obtaining corporate and individual information, such as visitors to seminars and events, visitors to exhibitions, and those who have downloaded white papers, in order to determine whether they are the target of the call.

Lastly, nurturing is conducted by making multiple calls to specific targets in order to cultivate potential customers.

Cold calls that aim to obtain appointments are mixed with calls that do not aim to obtain appointments (i.e., they focus on finding out personal information about key persons), resulting in an unjustifiably low appointment rate. The average appointment rate for cold calls made for the purpose of obtaining appointments would be around 4.5%.

Definition of Call Results

The call results we employ are defined as follows.

  1. Request a meeting: Cases in which a sales visit or a Callback from your company is desired.
    • Meeting Request A: There is a concrete plan to introduce the product. Including a request for a quotation.
    • Meeting request B: No concrete plans to consider but has issues or is highly interested in your product/service.
    • Meeting request C: No plans to consider, current status is information gathering only, and the proposal of your product/service has been approved.
  2. Report Required:  A case that should be reported immediately, such as your sales representative has already visited the company.
  3. Completed: Cases in which the caller has been contacted and some information has been obtained.

Ineffective completion: The following 5 cases.

  1. Uncontract Completed: Cases in which the caller was not available at any of the specified numbers of times on different days or at different times of the day.
  2.  Refused by the person himself/herself: Cases in which the call was refused by the person himself/herself.
  3. Departmental rejection: Cases in which the call was rejected by a departmental staff member.
  4. Representative rejection: Cases where the call was rejected by the company’s representative number.
  5.  Calls not answered after the call: Cases in which the telework information is played on the representative phone after the call is made, etc.

Comparison of 2022 Telemarketing Results under Various Conditions

We have compared call results under various conditions. See how they differ by region, industry, and department/position of the caller.

Regional Comparison

The results show significant differences between the Tokyo metropolitan area (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama) and other regions.

The results for all regions except the Tokyo metropolitan area are not much different from those before the Corona survey. However, for the Tokyo metropolitan area, the effective completion rate has declined. In the Tokyo metropolitan area, where people will not be returning to the phone even in 2022, when the percentage of people coming to work will have increased, how can we increase the number of effective contacts? How can we increase the contact rate? In recent years, in order to increase the contact rate, we have been working with a number of companies to increase the number of contacts.

In recent years, in order to increase the contact rate, we have been implementing a variety of additional measures in addition to the call. I will write about this in a separate blog.

Comparison of 2022 Telemarketing Results under Regional Comparison

Industry and Sales

A comparison by industry sector shows the following results.

The results for the information and telecommunications industry are not very good. This trend remains the same before and after Corona, although the contact rate is more or less. We would be happy if we could be of some help when approaching your company.

Comparison of 2022 Telemarketing Results under Industory sector

A comparison of sales revenue shows the following results.

Companies with sales of 1 billion yen or less often approach the president of the company, and as a result, the effective completion rate tends to be low because the president is not in office. In addition, the use of call forwarding services outside of the company as representative contact points has increased due to the Corona disaster, resulting in an increase in the percentage of calls that are not answered after the call is made, and a decrease in the contact rate.

Comparison of 2022 Telemarketing Results under sales revenue

Comparison of departments and positions

The following graph shows a comparison by the department.

Although we have conducted many approaches to the accounting department in response to revisions in laws and regulations, we seem to be unable to obtain appointments even though we can get through to them… I think this is an unavoidable aspect, as they tend to replace IT products rather than install new ones.

The marketing department has a high telecommuting rate (the percentage of calls made after the call that are not covered by the caller ID), and the appointment rate seems to have dropped as a result because the contact rate has not increased. Approaches to the marketing department need to involve outbound digital measures other than calls.

Comparison of 2022 Telemarketing Results under department

The comparison by position is shown in the graph below.

The results are as seen and as expected. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the executive level may approach AE/secretaries to make appointments, so please note that the results may be skewed by position: general.

Comparison of 2022 Telemarketing Results under position


What did you think of the quantitative 2022 telemarketing results?

Our call center manager will summarize the content of the above in a later blog on what the qualitative content was.

IAD provides quality lead generation services based on our experience with more than 3,000 projects. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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