Railway safety technology

Railway safety technology IoT
Railway safety technology

Railway safety technology

There is an urgent need to confirm the safety inside the train, triggered by the stab injury in the train on the Odakyu Line in August this year and in the train on the Keio Line in October.

In this field, MOYAI’s IoTube was installed in the train of Tokyu Oimachi Line in August 2019.However, it seems that it is becoming more sophisticated.

This time, we investigated how IoT is used for railway safety. The following is what I learned from that.

  • Railways have the peculiarities of indoors, long distances, and high-speed movement, and safety measures so far have been station premises and infrastructure.
  • Efforts have begun to improve the safety of station premises as well as improving convenience for passengers.
  • The safety of the vehicle body and track is being implemented in conjunction with improving inspection efficiency.
  • When it comes to rail safety, most are camera-based solutions.
  • For infrastructure monitoring, the same technology as for bridges and tunnels can be applied, but it seems difficult to introduce equipment that covers the entire area over a long distance.
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