IoT Trends

IoT Trends IoT
IoT Trends

Two and a half years have passed since I started researching IoT.
During this time, the general understanding, awareness, and environment of IoT have changed considerably.
This time, I would like to introduce three points that I have recently felt about IoT.

 IoT has become quite popular

There is information that the introduction rate of IoT has reached about 90%, including overseas, regardless of the industry.
There are cases where it has been used for more than 20 years for in-house and in-house products,
These are examples of IoT information that was not well known to the outside world.
It is becoming apparent.
On the other hand, those who have introduced IoT but have not achieved sufficient results are also pushing up the introduction rate.

IoT and AI have become one of the means of “DX”

There is a trend that the results of introducing IoT, processing data with AI, and producing results are evaluated as DX (digital transformation).
Until now, DX has mainly dealt with indirect work such as RPA and paperwork efficiency, but AI has moved from the cloud to the edge, and it has become possible to considerably improve the efficiency of direct work.
For this reason, it seems that IoT and AI are now being included in DX.

 IoT is becoming more widespread outdoors

IoT is being used more and more in social experiments such as autonomous driving involving local governments and remote monitoring of rivers.
Twenty years ago, the water gate I was in charge of was only remote monitoring, but recently remote control has also come out.
With the diversification of communication and the improvement of reliability, apps using smartphones have become widespread.
It seems that the resistance to wireless communication is decreasing, which is one of the reasons.

The writer of this article.
Miyuki Saito

Manager, Global Solutions Department

Over 15 years of experience as a marketing manager, product manager, promotion, etc. for various global B2B companies.

Has executed many projects to support foreign companies wishing to start sales activities in Japan to expand their business overseas.

Graduated from the University of California, Berkeley.

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