Electric Power Companies’ IoT Initiatives

Electric Power Companies' IoT Initiatives IoT
Electric Power Companies' IoT Initiatives

Electric Power Companies’ IoT Initiatives

1.own infrastructure such as dams, power plants, substations, and transmission facilities
Initiatives related to
2.Initiatives for users such as facilities and residences
3.Supporting other companies and collaborating with them in new areas

In the case of dams, power plants, and substations, a considerable amount of digitalization has already taken place.
AI is now being used mainly for maintenance.
For power transmission facilities, new applications such as tower rental and pole utilization are attracting attention.

In terms of user-related initiatives, competition for smart meters has begun. There is a lot of attention on who will oversee remote meter reading of electricity meters, gas meters, and water meters together with gas companies and water utilities.

The partner companies for electric power companies’ IoT efforts include
Toshiba and Panasonic have accumulated a large number of achievements.

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