How to build a successful account-based marketing (ABM) target list 

How to build a successful account-based marketing (ABM) target list B2B marketing

How to build a successful account-based marketing (ABM) target list 

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a business-to-business (B2B) strategy that focuses sales and marketing resources on target accounts within a specific market. 

Instead of broad-reaching marketing campaigns that touch the largest possible number of prospective customers, ABM is a marketing technique to contact potential customers involved in product selection for a target account and set appointments with them. In this issue, we will provide detailed information on creating a list of “which companies and whom to approach,” from traditional methods to the latest trends. 

What elements are required for Account-based marketing?

Target accounts information for Account-based marketing

What kind of company information is required to implement Account Based Marketing? 
The following information is required for account-based marketing: official company name, industry, revenue range, number of employees, and company number. 
To create a target list for account-based marketing, we first need a database with these items in place. 

The first step in selecting target accounts from the company’s database is cleansing and integrating data. 
We will integrate and maintain data managed in a disparate state on various management tools, such as business card management software, CRM, SFA, and MA. 

▼Data cleansing to be performed 
 ・Unification of duplicate information 
 ・Correct department name 
 ・Correction of location address notations 
 ・Uniformity of notation, etc. 

The required information is added to the maintained data county.

Information to be added
 ・Industry (based on Japan Standard Industrial Classification)
 ・Classification of the number of employees (non-consolidated)
 ・Sales range (non-consolidated), etc.

By adding company size and industry, it is possible to segment by size and industry, enabling more targeted promotional activities. 

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Key Personnel Information

Next, what information will be needed about the individual?
As in the case of companies, first and last names are required. Account-based marketing is not limited to telemarketing. When using the same approach, such as sending e-mails or direct mailings, the correct Kanji characters are required.

Other information that is required is the department, position, and location of the company’s offices.
During lead nurturing, it is important to follow up on department direct numbers, cell phone numbers, whether the executive has a secretary, role/authority within the department, and areas of responsibility, and to link them to the individual in the database.

Mapping the organization chart of the target account helps clarify the department to which it belongs.
Crawl the website and clip the organization chart. At the same time, information on personnel changes is ascertained from official news releases and added to the map.

Organization Chart Samples

Public information on 250,000 personnel data, mainly from listed companies, is available and can be purchased.

Target account selection in Account-based marketing

Customer Data Analysis

There are two possible approaches how to narrow down your target companies. 
These are customer data analysis and DMP advertising. 
Customer data analysis is the process of understanding what percentage of your potential target companies you are reaching. Targets are narrowed down based on account size and industry. 

For example, the number of target companies in Japan is determined by industry and the number of employees, which is used as the denominator. Then, divide by the number of companies already approached to obtain the ratio of companies already contacted. 

Customer Data Analysis 
1. Classify the targets of the company’s products by “sales” x “industry 
2. Shape the company’s data as the numerator 
3. Extract the denominator (target) company data 

By plotting the numerator and denominator, it is possible to formulate appropriate marketing measures. 

Example: If there are 15 target companies in Japan + 3 companies have already been approached = only 12 companies left, then contact them through telemarketing. 
259 companies are targeted + contact all of them = send out DMs, etc. 

Use of DMP

DMP is a method of extracting companies with needs.
It is a service that allows you to obtain information on companies searching for specific keywords on the Web.

How DMP Works 

Specifically, the service can retrieve the company name, representative phone number, address, sales size, and industry.
The service is set up based on the assumption that the keywords are likely to be searched by the company’s potential customer base.
The DMP advertising service allows you to know which companies are in the stage before visiting your company’s website, thus creating a list of potential target demographics.


When implementing account-based marketing, it is important to have accurate information on target companies. Then, target companies are narrowed down based on account size and industry, or companies with needs are extracted through DMP. 

IAD offers a telemarketing service that will listen carefully to BANTC information and five necessary items of information. Please feel free to contact us for more information. 

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